Tell me your Environmental Stories

Tell me your Environmental Stories

“Where do your machines go when they die, Daddy?” A talk with his young daughter prompted the MD of medical manufacturing company to start their environmental journey, managing energy, materials & waste – all done through their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

With the ongoing pandemic, I’m making use of the time I used to spend travelling. Rather than learning a new language or baking sourdough bread, I’m finally getting round to writing my book.

It’s all about how, why & when to put in an Environmental Management System.


Do you have environmental stories to share?

For my research, I want to speak to businesses, particularly SMEs, who have an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Why did they get started? How involved is senior management? Did they use a consultant? How long do staff spend each month? What motivates staff to be part of environmental projects? What’s the weirdest thing found in the audit?

Anecdotes & stories are really useful, especially when supporting How To text & summary data.

Can you help me? Tell me about your ISO 14001 EMS. You may not have a funny story, but your experiences (good & bad) are vital to share.

Your feedback is very much appreciated… and can be kept anonymous if you wish.

Please email & let’s set up a time to talk over a virtual coffee.

Thanks for your help, in advance!


Quote "Green is the prime colour of the world" green trees

Other stories people have told me include:

  • An events company identified a business opportunity using waste plastics to make exhibition displays, effectively pivoting the business.
  • A keen cyclist, the CEO of a creative agency gives extra leave days for staff cycling to work. Now 20% of staff regularly cycle for commuting & business trips.
  • Everyone noticed that the plants outside the office window were looking very lush but no one asked why. The EMS audit team did, however, & they found a leak in the pipework feeding an outbuilding, which had been wasting £10,000 of water.
  • When one client turned up to an audit with a black eye (running to catch the bus she was hit by the wing mirror), the certification auditor was extra nice to her, thinking she was trouble!
  • A hospitality company runs regular staff engagement activities. At their last litter pick of their grounds & surrounding roads, they collected 10 bags of litter (including a 20-year old mobile phone) & unfortunately disturbed a wasp nest!
  • An office-based company needed ISO 14001 to fulfil a contract. They used a consultant to put in the EMS & keep it up to date with legislation. “Two days’ work of a consultant saved me two months trying to learn how to do it myself!”
  • A company’s green team encouraged staff to do training as well as run projects. One member of staff was so enthusiastic & successful, she immediately got a promotion.




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