Get the Benefits of Environmental Management

Benefits of Environmental ManagementAll organisations can reduce their impact, improve efficiency and find those all important cost savings.  All sizes, all sectors – it applies to you.

The commercial benefits include:


Benefits to the Company

Business alignment – so your business strategy reflects your vision

Reduce risk & plan for future – understand the risks & opportunities that do or will affect the business

Savings & efficiencies – achievable cost savings by improving efficiencies & reducing wastage

Meet customers’ criteria – suppliers are now asked for ISO 14001 or carbon footprint in tenders, show your customers how you support their goals

Comply with the law – avoid the penalties

Motivated staff – better results when they’re involved

Competitive advantage – differentiate yourself and win business.


Benefits to You

Personal growth & development – try a new role or activities to develop yourself

Free up time to focus on your work – things run more efficiently, so you can cover others

Sense of achievement – get satisfaction of real changes

Self promotion – show bosses what you can do.



You can save money and increase profitability – most companies can easily reduce their energy costs by up to 20%, even without serious investment. This could be same effect on your bottom line as a 5% increase in sales.


Don’t delay. Embed environmental management into your core business, to see the real commercial benefits now.


By understanding your objectives, I will tailor my services to suit your needs and situation, in order to achieve greatest success.




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