ESOS – Is the finish line in sight?

How is ESOS like running a race?

Rather than a sprint, it seems that ESOS more like a long distance run.

Is the finish line in sight? Alas, it’s still a way off.

ESOS FInish line


On your marks…

I am working with a number of companies on their ESOS compliance. I’ve gathered and analysed the data. I’ve conducted site visits. I’ve started to put together the recommendations for saving energy, carbon and money.


Get set…

The ESOS Assessments can’t yet be completed as we’re still waiting for the ESOS energy legislation to be finalised and the ultimate requirements to be published.

The notification portal should hopefully be available by the end of the year – with the final deadline extended to June 2024.



Do you need to get going on your ESOS project?

I’ll guide you through the process so the whole project goes smoothly, with useful and relevant energy savings recommendations.


Get over the ESOS finish line…

Sounds good? Let’s work together.

Eshcon Factsheet - ESOS - Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme


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