World Standards Day

Today is #WorldStandardsDay. How can standards help your business?

As a keen environmentalist Helen wanted to reduce her company’s impact. She put in recycling bins, tried to reduce energy and even started to look at packaging. But she was driving it alone and she needed to progress. She thought she needed more structure.

The clincher came when, as a B2B supplier, many clients asked for good environmental credentials and carbon data. It was then easy to get buy in from the Board.

Using ISO 14001, Helen’s company put in the processes and resources to really understand their environmental impacts, manage them and communicate their successes to staff and clients.

It was a bit of a journey, but the framework and audits kept the momentum going. And now they are developing stronger relationships to clients to help reduce impacts all round. What a win-win-win situation!

I am Anya Ledwith of Eshcon Ltd, an award-winning environmental and carbon consultancy specialising in #ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, #SECR #carbon reporting and #ESOS energy audits.

Work with me to really make a difference in your company – reduce impacts, cut costs, save time and win business… this is Effective Environmental Management.





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