Sussex Wildlife Trust

I’m very pleased to have recently joined the Sussex Wildlife Trust as a corporate member. The conservation charity protects the wonderfully rich natural life in Sussex that is found in towns, countryside and coastal areas.

The Trust manages over 30 nature reserves across Sussex that people can explore and enjoy. They also run conservation activities for volunteers & engage with policy makers to encourage positive change.

I look forward to working with the Trust to get more businesses & their staff engaged with nature.

If you consider that “What you experience, you value. What you value, you work to protect.” I would like to encourage businesses to promote & experience nature around them.

I particularly enjoy watching the birds from my desk window – even putting up a bird feeder outside offices could help you colleagues appreciate their natural surroundings.

Check out the SWT shop for some great items, including bird feeders (via Vine House Farm), bird food & clothing.


Help our Kelp campaign

The Trust is running a campaign to protect our coastal kelp forests.

Historically, kelp was abundant along the West Sussex coastline but, most due to fishing practices, this important habitat has diminished, leaving just a few small patches, mostly in shallow water and along the shoreline.

Kelp beds support many species of commercial fish, like plaice & cod, and also many of the species that sea birds feed upon. Additionally, per acre, kelp forests can take up to 20 times more CO2 from the atmosphere than land-based forests.

More info on the Kelp campaign can be found here.





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