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In my latest webinar for Gatwick Diamond Business, I teamed up with Zoë Osmond of University of Brighton to show how businesses can Seize the Net Zero Opportunity.

I started with an introduction to climate change and #ShowYourStripes, plus the benefits organisations see when embedding the environment into their business practices.

Zoë spoke about the Green Growth Platform (delivered nationally now via Clean Growth UK) and the support available to businesses to drive green innovation. Advice, seminars, grants and events – all aimed at driving the local carbon sector.

Your Net Zero Journey

I finished with Your Net Zero Journey. It can be complex so I’ve distilled it down to a five-stage process, that’ll ensure your journey is straight-forward, achievable and successful. For more details on this, see here.

Your Net Zero Journey

Check out the webinar here on YouTube:
My sections are at 0.49 and 33.09 minutes.

If you’d like green innovation support, check out Clean Growth UK services here.



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