Free Water Saving Devices for SMEs

Southern Water are offering non-domestic customers (including SME businesses, schools, charities, parish councils) to whom they supply water, free water saving devices.


A free visit is offered from an experienced water expert who’ll assess your water use and prescribe a number of water efficient products that will be fitted for free.


These include automatic urinal controls, water-efficient shower heads, dual flush mechanisms & Save-a-flush bags for toilets, and tap flow regulators.


Controlling water use in urinals, so that it only flushes after use (and not each time the cistern fills), saves around £100 per year in water costs.


The programme is being focused on certain target areas within our supply area and each visit will be for a period of four hours. All products that are fitted will work with existing taps, showers and toilets and alongside behaviour change advice will lead to ongoing savings on utility bills.


To register an interest and to find out if you are in one of the areas, please contact Ben Earl, Water Efficiency Manager at Southern Water on 01903 272829 or email


Many companies don’t even think about the water they use – it’s a hidden cost to the business. This is a great way to start saving water & money.