Countdown to ISO 14001

Many businesses have put in an Environmental Management System (EMS) to manage impacts, reduce costs & increase efficiency. It can help win business too, as many customers expect their suppliers to have one in place.


If your EMS is certified to the international standard, you need to update it to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard by September 2018. See here for more details of the main requirements of the new standard.


Here are my top tips for the countdown to the ISO 14001 deadline:


5 – Mind the Gap

Start with a Gap Analysis of your current EMS to find out where you need to focus your attention.


4 – Don’t Do it Alone

You may be isolated, so engage with colleagues from across the organisation & senior management to get a leadership boost.


3 – Know your Risks & Opportunities

Use a PESTLE Analysis to help plan your strategy; it’s important to know the risks & opportunities facing your business in the future.


2 – Write your Timetable

With only just over a year until the deadline, you need to plan your transition. There’ll be huge demand for certifiers near the deadline, so don’t miss out!


1 – Meet your Objectives

Always remember why you’re doing it – what are your objectives? Make the system work for you.


Lift Off

Afterwards celebrate your success (we often forget to do this!).


ISO 14001 has many commercial benefits though the initial transition can seem daunting. Drop me a line so I can help make the process smoother & more successful.





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