Top Tips on Getting Started – EMS

I see a lot of great speakers at environmental conferences, sharing their experiences & inspiring us to do the same. However I find most companies out there are right at the beginning of their environmental management journey and need help with the basics. They can’t identify with the work done by say M&S and Unilever, it’s just way out of their league.


Hence my support of them to put in an Environmental Management System. It may not be ground breaking to some of us, but to them it’s invaluable.


How to get started…


  • Get your data together and understand your baseline – energy, waste, water, transport.


  • Calculate your carbon footprint – it’s a great way to communicate with staff & customers, plus you set your targets from this.


  • Write an Environmental Policy – show your commitment to managing your impacts.


  • Develop an Environmental Management System – the processes to manage impacts, find cost savings & comply with the law. It doesn’t necessarily have to be certified, but if you follow ISO 14001 you’ll be able to go through certification when you need to.


  • Engage with your colleagues to get them on board. Make it relevant, useful & fun!


  • Celebrate your successes.


Sounds good? Get in contact & we can get you started on your environmental management journey.


Of course, I can also help those companies who are more advanced with their environmental activities.





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