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How is a wedding like gdb? Let me share with you a story from my cousin’s wedding recently.


As we hadn’t seen each other for years, there was too much to cover at dinner on that first night. But, the more we met up over the long weekend, the more we talked – our lives & businesses, our plans & achievements. I met plenty of new people at the wedding, who I’d never have met without sharing something in common. The bride’s parents introduced me to a couple, owners of an accountancy firm whose clients were strong on supply chain & environmental issues. We didn’t talk long, but it was enough to tell them of my work & how I help similar businesses to theirs. It’s up to me now to build a stronger contact.


So whether it’s a wedding or gdb membership, I’ve learnt that your success & enjoyment depends on your approach:

Be involved – mingle & make introductions.

Get to know people – ask questions & find something in common.

Be memorable – who you are & how you’re different. It’s important that people know enough so they can refer you to others.

And follow up – meet up again to talk properly & build the contact.


Speaking of well-connected people, the gdb Executive Council is now complete, with a good mix of business size & sector. Each member can provide insight & help with horizon scanning for issues which affect gdb, which we can influence and which help us all plan our businesses. Look out for info on the gdb Says webpage.


gdb helps you develop a strong network so you can meet your business objectives & targets. Remember it’s not just what you know or indeed who you know … it’s who knows you.




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