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Firstly, I hope you are all well & managing to get through the initial shock of the Covid-19 lockdown.

In these fast-moving times, it is difficult to write a piece which may be rather dated by the time of publication. As I write this, it’s a beautiful sunny Monday morning & I’ve been working from home for I don’t know how many weeks.

The gdb Steering Group has been meeting regularly to assess risk & plan budgets & strategy. The first difficult decision was the postpone the Awards, without government guidance at the time we wanted to show leadership. I look forward to the ceremony later in the year & at least the entrants can continue to use the ‘gdb Awards 2020 Finalist’ strapline on their emails!

Similarly, we have decided to postpone the AGM until September. This way we can have an engaging & successful voting process, as well as an enjoyable event.

I hope you are joining in the virtual Member’s Meetings & the host of webinars gdb is putting on with partners. Personally, I find these really useful, learning new things & importantly keeping in touch with the gdb community.

I’m sure you will join me in giving massive thanks to the team for their hard work, professionalism & continuing to deliver excellent services to our members.

How individuals & businesses act now will be remembered. We have an opportunity to come together, to support each other so that we can get through these difficult times.

That’s the great thing about the Gatwick Diamond Business community – we do buy from each other, collaborate & work together, provide advice, guidance & even friendship to help us all improve & thrive. Let’s do more of this!

We’re getting through the initial crisis, now we should be thinking about the future.

We don’t have to simply return to ‘business as usual’. We can learn from our experiences & use this as an opportunity to improve ourselves, our environment, our society, as well as our economy.

We can #BuildBackBetter & gdb is well placed for this to happen.




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