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I write this on the day that should have been our AGM, which is now postponed to September because of the Covid-19 disruption.

The new AGM is going to be different; it might be in person or done virtually – hopefully we can have a dynamic & engaging session. Either way, this is just another of many examples of adapting to new ways of working.

There will be a couple of vacancies on the Executive Council, so please do consider now if you’d like to nominate yourself. It is an interesting & rewarding opportunity to be involved in the running of Gatwick Diamond Business. Voting will be taking place later on in summer.

Have you seen the report commissioned by our sister organisation, Gatwick Diamond Ltd, on the impact of Covid-19 in this area? A loss of 12.8% in GVA is expected in 2020. To recover the loss in output in the next 5 years, the area would require an annual growth rate of 2.7%.

Locally, the recovery needs to be spearheaded by a number of organisations. gdb obviously has a role to play in this & I’m pleased with our strong connections & partnerships with many of the key players in the region.

Recently I joined more than 150 business leaders to call on the Prime Minister to use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to create a socially just and green recovery.

As lockdown eases, we have a great opportunity to do things differently – to improve health, society, the environment & the economy.

We must Build Back Better – how wonderful would that be for you, your family and your business?

Luckily, gdb is well placed to contribute. Our strong network of like-minded & supportive businesses is our greatest strength… Sharing information on how we’re doing things now, reaching out to those in need, buying from each other & generally providing support & friendship.

It will be a challenge, but gdb is definitely up to it!



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See the full Diamond Magazine here – see page 3 for the Chairman’s Column, plus page 23 for my top tips of using Environmental Management to Build Back Better.

Find out more about gdb & how your business can benefit.



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