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ESOS – 2 Months and Counting

With less than 2 months until the deadline for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, businesses need to get going on this urgently. The date to notify the Environment Agency of your compliance is 5th December 2015. Remember even if you’re not a large company, you may still need to participate in ESOS because of others in your corporate group.


There are 3 stages to ESOS:

  • measure energy consumption,
  • conduct energy audits
  • & report compliance.


As the clock is ticking, you should have by now collated energy & transport data for your reporting period (1 year which includes 31st Dec 14). Data should be in kWh for elec/gas, litres for fuels, maybe miles for business travel – and it needs to be validated. Many companies are finding this a bit of challenge, especially transport.


Then schedule the energy audits as soon as possible, these should cover your significant energy consumption and recommend improvements for saving energy.


Most Lead ESOS Assessors have been busy all year and now at the deadline approaches, we are rushed off our feet.  So, don’t delay – get moving ASAP on your ESOS Assessment as you should report compliance by 5th December.


However the Environment Agency has recently said it will delay enforcement action as long as final notification of compliance is made by 29th January 2016 (& you let them know by 5th December that you’ll be late). Also if you are implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System as a form of compliance, you now have until 30th June 2016 to achieve certification.


I can help you with your ESOS Assessment and ISO 50001 systems – please do call or email me now!


As your Lead ESOS Assessor I’ll run the project smoothly and on time. 




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