ISO 14001 v2

Top Tips to prepare for Certification

ISO 14001 Certification – The Process

You have implemented your Environmental Management System (EMS) and let it run to see that it works, is delivering continual improvement and your objectives. Now you’re ready to go for ISO 14001 certification but don’t know what that involves.


After selecting your certification body and agreeing the scope of your management system, the process of certification is as follows:

Certification process

From Stage 1 document review through to surveillance visits, click here for a rundown on what to expect of the certification process.


Top tips to prepare for certification audits

  • Make sure your documentation is complete, up-to-date and relevant.


  • Ensure you’ve covered all the stages / activities required by ISO 14001 – including audits and the Management Review.


  • Brief key personnel so they know what to expect from the auditor’s visit, the sorts of things they’ll be asking about and what evidence they’ll want to see.


  • Get your staff involved, it’s a great opportunity to further promote the EMS and your achievements so far.


  • Don’t panic – you may not have been audited before, but auditors don’t bite! Try to enjoy it and get the most benefit from the process.


Can I help you progress to certification? Call or email now to see how I can make the process better for you – smoother, more enjoyable, less stressful and ultimately more successful.



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