CEnv – My Webinar with SocEnv

I’m really pleased to support the Society of the Environment (SocEnv) campaign to promote the Chartered Environmentalist professional qualification.SocEnv logo CEnv

I am a CEnv and Fellow of IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment). Being CEnv demonstrates a commitment to the environmental industry & leadership to others – clients, partners & other professionals.

In my recent webinar with SocEnv, I joined 2 other Chartered Environmentalists to discuss ‘How CEnv has helped me and my career’.

SocEnv webinar

How CEnv registration has helped me and my career – that’s what we asked three Chartered Environmentalists in this special webinar.

In this webinar CEnv professionals join us to share their experiences of securing the designation, the opportunities which obtaining the qualification have presented and the positive impacts achieving CEnv has had on their work.

Our special guests:
Anya Ledwith – Director at Eshcon Ltd.
Sophie Harris – Environmental Regulation and Response Manager at Thames Water.
Chandra Kripa Dwarakanath – Principal Consultant at Jacobs.

My slot starts at 5.20 minutes.




See here for more information about Society of the Environment (SocEnv) 





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