Case Study: ISO 14001 EMS

University of Kent

The University of Kent, the UK’s European University, is one of the country’s most dynamic universities and is proud of its record of research-led teaching at Canterbury, Medway, Tonbridge and Brussels.


Eshcon helped implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) and the successful certification to ISO 14001.


The University has a history of good environmental management but wanted to gain ISO 14001 to co-ordinate its numerous functions and initiatives, to drive further improvements and to help progress up the Green League, an environmental performance table of all Universities.


Eshcon worked with the University’s Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Unit, providing advice and guidance in implementing the EMS:

  • Conducting initial Environmental Review, identifying aspects, impacts & legislation
  • Running workshops to develop the EMS Programme, a series of action plans focussing on energy, waste, transport, biodiversity, materials and emissions
  • Establishing groups (e.g. management team, auditors) and systems, setting targets and processes for collecting & monitoring data
  • Leading audits and training the EMS Audit Team
  • Producing required EMS Documentation and guiding preparation of other documents and records
  • Facilitating and guiding the Management Review
  • Attending the certification audits, guiding the external auditor and assisting with any follow-ups.


Eshcon provided the knowledge and guidance in establishing the EMS, allowing the University to concentrate on the running of the system and detail. The University was very pleased to be successfully certified to ISO 14001, achieved first time, on time and with no non-conformances.


The University is seeing a range of benefits, including environmental improvements and cost savings, e.g. from energy reductions. Staff and senior management have become more engaged, raising the profile across the organisation. They demonstrate leadership to their stakeholders and have improved the score in the Green League Table.


“The University of Kent is the size of a small town in terms of its geographical size, population and operations, and contains a good deal more in the way of environmental features and risks.  Building an EMS was a daunting task – especially as the elaborate system which appeared necessary would have been unwieldy and doomed to failure.  Anya provided the perfect means to help us draw the many strands together into a really lean and manageable system which nevertheless covers all our requirements and really delivers.  Her vision of how this would take shape overall, her wide and detailed subject knowledge, and her highly personable manner were vital to driving the project forward, and getting numerous key players enthused.  We achieved accredited certification to ISO 14001 in just 14 months, which is an amazing feat for an organisation of this size and complexity!  I would have no hesitation in recommending Anya to anyone.”

Andrew Briggs, Fire Safety & Environment Adviser, University of Kent