Carbon Trust Standard

The Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) is the UK’s most recognised carbon management standard. With the addition of two further standards, triple CTS certification demonstrates an organisation’s achievements in managing carbon, water and waste.


CTS triple

As an accredited assessor for all three Carbon Trust Standards, I can help with your application and assessment.


Awarded to recognise best-practice and real achievements in reduction, the Carbon Trust Standard helps organisations measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact, whilst improving their resource management and operational sustainability.


The certification process identifies inefficiencies in resource use and provides a framework for improving management processes, reducing waste and costs.


Over 1,100 organisations have certified to the Carbon Trust Standard. Some of those I’ve assessed include Barts Health NHS Trust, Berendsen, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Friends Life, Gatwick Airport, Go-Ahead Group, Marks & Spencer, Port of Dover, QVC, Telefonica O2, Tesco, Veolia and Westfield.


Certified organisations have saved save a staggering £165m in energy and operational costs and reduce carbon emissions by over 3.6Mt CO2e every year, with an average annual energy cost saving of £322,000.


There are many benefits of achieving the Carbon Trust Standard, including:

  • Enhanced corporate reputation and brand value
  • Cost savings & efficiencies
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Compliance, useful for the data requirements of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.


Organisations can certify to the Carbon Trust Standard individually (carbon, water or waste) or as a combination. For more information, please do get in touch.




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