Electric plugAutomatic meters on the way

Are you an electricity-using business? More than likely! Then new legislation probably applies to you.


A new OFGEM regulation called P272 will affect all businesses using electricity meters in profile classes 05 – 08. By April 2017 you must use automated meters, and these meters must send regular half hourly usage data to energy suppliers.


This will mean that you will know what your consumption is by the half hour (like 00 profile meters do now), which is useful for monitoring usage patterns & identifying efficiencies.


As a result, to remain competitive energy suppliers will need to introduce time-of-use tariffs, with lower rates available for energy during off-peak hours.


First check your energy bills to see what profile class you have. This is the first two digits of your S Number, on the uppermost row.


Then, speak to your energy supplier or energy broker who may be able to help you.


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