ESHCon 10 Years and Counting!

I’m proud to say that this year ESHCon will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Wow, where has the time gone? 10 years of environmental management consultancy, working with such a range of interesting businesses, from micros to multi-nationals.


I’ve been chatting with several people recently who are thinking about setting up their own business. They were interested in my approach, how I’d established the business and good client base.


Now, of course, I’m no expert in this but I thought I’d jot down some of my thoughts on the past 10 years into a few bullet points.


  • Don’t be afraid to start – this could hold you back at first, but you just need to start… now!


  • Love what you do; do what you love – this is clear for me. I am passionate about my work which raises quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Get a mentor – this was really useful for me to plan my business and challenge me to try new things.


  • Horizon scan and look for opportunities – I identify forthcoming legislation and I adapt my services to benefit from it.


  • Network, network, network – 90% of my business comes from referrals. Yes, it takes time to build up a good network but it’s worth it. I speak at conferences and of course GDB is great for this.


So now my question to you – how do you think I should celebrate my 10th anniversary?



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