10 Golden Rules of Remote Auditing

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400 webinar delegates asked for more help

With the continued Covid-19 disruption, the use of remote environmental audits is now common place. Remote audits allow organisations to continue with the established audit programme, ensure the EMS works well & staff are properly engaged. This is relevant for internal audits & especially important for third party audits (annual surveillance visits & certification audits).

I was recently part of the expert panel on a webinar for IEMA – we gave advice on how to prepare for & conduct remote audits, from the perspective of both auditors & auditees.

We had over 400 people on the webinar, with lots of great questions asked. And the feedback was – more help please!

So, the panel sat down & wrote a short guide – The 10 Golden Rules of Remote Auditing. Again helping auditors & auditees prepare & get the best out of their audits. The Golden Rules are supported by simple pieces of advice & further reading.

Check out The Golden Rules of Remote Auditing here.


To summarise the 10 Golden Rules of Remote Auditing:

  1. Set clear and achievable remote audit objectives
  2. Develop effective plans to support the remote audit
  3. Know the technology, its capabilities and limitations
  4. Make all participants familiar with the remote audit
  5. Ensure the confidentiality and security of the audit
  6. Be familiar with the way to review documents remotely
  7. Break down any barriers to successful remote interviews
  8. Consider the requirements for virtual site tours and observation
  9. Have clear processes to review audit evidence and report conclusions
  10. Be aware of any specific requirements for regulators or certification bodies.


And the goldenest of the golden rules? Preparation, preparation, preparation.


Lastly, I think it’s important to give yourself a break! Especially during Covid-19 disruption, most people are learning new ways of working, have other stresses on top of work (such as child care) & may be battling ill-health. If the audit doesn’t go 100% smoothly, no problem – you can always come back later for further clarification.


I hope the Golden Rules are useful. If you need further support for your EMS audit programme, please do get in touch now.



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