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Putting the environment into your business will bring real commercial benefits. However, the realms of environmental management can seem daunting at first. How do you get started? What’s the best thing to do first? How do I involve my colleagues? How do I keep on top of legislation? What should go in my environmental policy? Who should do all this stuff?



I have produced a number of ‘Eshcon Info’ factsheets to help get you started and provide more info on specific issues.

Eshcon info – EMS – ISO 14001 EMS

Eshcon info – EMS – ISO 14001 & 9001

ESHCon info – EMS – EMS Certification

ESHCon info – EMS – P-T Env Manager

Eshcon info – EMS – Env Action Plan

Eshcon info – EMS – Env Policy

Eshcon info – EMS – Green Champions



Eshcon info – Energy – ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

ESHCon info – Energy – ISO 50001


Eshcon info – Energy – SECR – Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

Eshcon info – Carbon – Carbon Footprinting

Eshcon info – Carbon – Net Zero


I’ll be adding extra Eshcon Info sheets periodically. Do check in again for the latest info. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please let me know!


Case Studies

Working with Eshcon clearly provides a range of benefits. Click on the links below to read case studies of how I have helped organisations achieve their objectives and deliver top quality projects.

Case Study – ISO 14001 Transition – Roffey Park Institute

Case Study – ISO 14001 Transition – Roband Electronics

Case Study – ISO 14001 Readiness – University of Reading

Case Study – Carbon Trust Standard – Go Ahead

Case Study – ISO 14001 EMS – University of Kent

Case Study – ESOS Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme – Nellsar

Case Study – Carbon Footprinting – JSM Construction

Case Study – Training – Mid Sussex District Council

Case Study – GHG Reporting – Hogg Robinson Group


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