Effective Environmental Management

Drowning under rubbish?            Wasting energy and water?

Throwing your profits down the drain?          Don’t know your legal commitments?

Not engaging with your customers?

All organisations have the potential to reduce their environmental impact, improve efficiency and find those all important cost savings. Most begin because their customers demand it – show you are committed to helping them achieve their goals. But where do you start?

The environmental management consultancy ESHCon provides targeted professional services to industry, business and the public sector. I am Anya Ledwith, an experienced environmentalist, advisor and entrepreneur.

I will help your organisation achieve your objectives, delivering the right solutions for your needs.

My services are in four categories:

  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Energy
  • Training & Engagement


Reducing wastage, promoting efficiency, saving money & winning business
– this is Effective Environmental Management.


 ESHCon Services


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ESHCon Exec Summary


Most companies can easily reduce their energy costs by up to 20%.

This could be same effect on your bottom line as a 5% increase in sales.


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