Your organisation can reduce its environmental impact and improve efficiency.  Most begin to save money, comply with the law or because their customers demand it – so give them what they want and make it easy for them to buy from you. This is Effective Environmental Management – but where do you start?

I am Anya Ledwith, an experienced environmental auditor and entrepreneur. My award-winning environmental management consultancy Eshcon provides targeted professional services to start-ups, fast growth and corporates in London and the South East.

I understand your needs. You must comply with legislation. Your costs are soaring. Your customers are demanding information. You and your colleagues are just so busy. It’s all complicated and you don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry – just imagine how I can help you. With my engaging and pragmatic approach, I guide you through and make it easy for you to find improvements, comply with the law, see the commercial benefits and, importantly, save time. Sounds good?

Let me help you now – services include:

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – Put in an EMS to the ISO 14001 standard or a simpler environmental action plan.

Carbon Reporting, SECR & Net Zero – SECR carbon reporting, calculate your carbon footprint to identify emissions reduction opportunities, aim for Net Zero.

Energy & ESOS – Energy efficiency and ESOS energy audits.

Virtual Environmental Manager – An expert when you need me – leading or supporting your environmental activities, audits and EMS.


Reducing impacts, cutting costs, saving time and winning business
– this is Effective Environmental Management.

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Anya is everything you could want in a consultant.
Easy to work with, thorough and ensures that all things are covered at all times.
She guided us through the complex legislation – this huge task that would have taken me a lot of time,
became a simple process because she provided a great service from start to finish.”
Laura Chapman, Facilities Manager at Benefit Cosmetics UK & Ireland