Carbon Trust Water Standard

 In addition to its highly successful Carbon Trust Standard, the world’s first organisational carbon footprint reduction certification, the CT has introduced a new standard to help companies reduce their water use.


The Carbon Trust Water Standard certifies organisations that measure, manage and reduce water use year on year.  By achieving the new standard, your organisation will demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and improve its reputation.


The Carbon Trust Water Standard recognises the growing importance of conserving water resources, and builds on our world-leading expertise and proven track-record as a leading international certification body.


Reducing water use is an essential step in the move to a sustainable low carbon economy.


How you can benefit

The new Standard provides major benefits:

  1. Cut your water use.
  2. Benchmark your water use and water efficiency plans.
  3. Gain recognition for your water stewardship.
  4. Enhance your reputation by using the new Water Standard logo.
  5. Reduce exposure to water scarcity.
  6. Lessen your impact on the local environment.


For more info, see the Carbon Trust’s website – CLICK HERE.


I am pleased to say that I am accredited as an assessor for the Carbon Trust Water Standard – in addition to the Carbon and Waste Standards. Call me if you have any questions on any of these .






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