Start Saving Energy Today

Did you know you could cut your energy costs by up to 20% with simple measures that may cost nothing? The UK wastes a third of its energy, costing business millions of pounds in lost revenue every year. Get started today on managing energy to see the business benefits.


Find out how much your business is spending on energy. You may be surprised at the cost.


What do you use the energy for? In an average air conditioned office, heating uses 25% of energy, air conditioning 35%, equipment 20%, lighting 15% & hot water 5%.


Check heating and cooling controls that they are set at the appropriate temperatures and times.


Compile an energy checklist. Walk round your building (during the working day, also at lunchtimes, after work & weekends) to identify where energy savings can be made.


Put together a list of good housekeeping measures, starting with simple actions such as turning off lights and equipment.


Start raising awareness today. Use posters and stickers to motivate your staff to save energy, and ask them for their ideas.


With UK business energy costs having risen by 58% since 2010, now is the time to save energy and money.



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