Source Chairman’s Column

My regular column in The Source Magazine, for GDB Gatwick Diamond Business.


What are the most important things a company can have? Most would say profits; perhaps a good reputation; engaged and motivated staff.

You can’t buy reputation. You don’t just magically get motivated staff. And you can’t improve your profits without either of these.

As an environmental management consultant, I’ve been running workshops getting clients ready for new standards, like ISO 14001. I get staff together from across the company and all levels, to look at business risks and opportunities. This helps them become more efficient, plan for the future and raise their profile with customers.

The important element here is staff engagement. Everyone has something to contribute. Staff want to be part of the organisation, to be truly involved and feel proud of the company.

Staff motivation can also be helped through team building. Take, for example, the GDB Charity Challenge. I had a great afternoon at the challenge, alas not taking part, but watching the activities from the sidelines. I hadn’t really considered beforehand how this sort of thing can really benefit the business – but it clearly does!

I spoke with the entrants; Storm12 said it was a great opportunity for their team to bond with some of their clients while having fun, getting fit and supporting local charities. They would certainly attend again and recommend members involve their staff and clients. The activities were fun, challenging & they learnt to work together – although they ached for a week from riding those inflatable horses!

I am so pleased that GDB is able to put on this event, benefiting both our charities (nearly £9,000 raised) and our business members too.

I’m reminded of a quote from Henry Ford: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” The charity challenge shows how success can be achieved by coordination & collaboration.

Sounds a bit like the whole ethos of GDB, doesn’t it? A supportive, collaborative & effective business community.


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