Slow uptake of new ISO 14001 standard

(so far!)

It has been one year since the release of the new ISO 14001 standard. How are businesses and organisations getting on with it?  I’ve been speaking to certification bodies recently & they confirmed that there seems to be a slightly slower than expected uptake of new standard.


ISO 14001:2015 was released last September and organisations have up to three years to transition their existing Environmental Management Systems and certify to the new standard. This must be completed by 14th September 2018.


While many trailblazers have already done so (Northern Rail certified on the day the standard was released!), most are taking a more leisurely approach.


But while we’re all guilty of a bit of procrastination, don’t let it drag on too long.


The certifiers’ advice is to get started now. It does take time to make the transition and ensure the new requirements are embedded into your EMS properly.


Even if you do choose to certify to the 2004 standard next time, this certificate will expire on 14th Sept 2018 – so you must complete your transition & complete your certification to the 2015 standard by then.


There will no doubt be a rush & auditors will be in short supply!


My Top Tips for a Smooth Transition

  • Start with a Gap Analysis of your current EMS
  • Don’t do it alone – run exercises with colleagues & senior management – get them on board to identify risks & opportunities
  • Think about changes to documentation needed – this is an opportunity to streamline things & make the improvements you’ve been thinking about
  • Plan your transition – the two years will just fly by if you’re not careful.


I’m working with a number of clients, starting with their Gap Analysis – let me help you too.

They’ve also found it useful that I guide them through the changes too – it’s allowed them to focus on their on work during this busy period.


See more about my Gap Analysis here.

Click here for info about the certification process.



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