Training & Engagement

Your staff are the most important part of any environmental management system (EMS). They need to know what they should be doing and why. They should understand your company’s vision and the importance of playing their part.

Eshcon will train your staff, managers and even suppliers, so you get the most out of your environmental work.


Short Courses and Workshops to get staff involved

Choose from one or more of the following:

  • Introduction to environmental issues & commercial benefits
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Step-by-step EMS
  • Develop your carbon management strategy
  • Your EMS (or Carbon) Action Plan
  • Green Champions
  • Environmental audit team
  • DIY waste and energy audits


Bespoke Training

Support your environmental programmes to develop training packages – for all staff or specific teams. Courses include:

  • Your company’s current activities
  • The benefits of environmental management to your business
  • Identifying activities to reduce impact and costs.

More detailed courses cover Environmental Management System in more depth:

  • Key environmental issues and relevant legislation
  • Writing an environmental policy
  • Planning an Environmental Management System
  • Action planning – identifying activities to reduce impact and costs (e.g. waste minimisation, saving energy, transport management, pollution control and resource use).




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