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ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

The ESOS regulations require large enterprises to do comprehensive energy audits every four years, carried out by an approved Lead Assessor.

Eshcon’s 3-stage ESOS Assessment helps you ensure compliance:

  • Measure energy consumption (energy in buildings & business travel)
  • Energy Audits – cost-effective energy efficiency recommendations; these include no cost & low cost opportunities, with a specific consideration of behavioural & operational changes, not just the relevant technologies
  • Report to Board-level Director and provide information for reporting compliance to the Environment Agency.

As a registered Lead ESOS Assessor, I guide you through the whole compliance process so it is useful & trouble-free for you. I examine not only relevant technologies in delivering energy reductions, but to also consider behavioural & operational changes, as well as management processes. This is because people are put off by activities that are costly, have a long timescale or are difficult to implement. This sets me apart from many ESOS Assessors, who understand only & thus focus on technological opportunities.

ESOS Phase 2 deadline (5th December 2019) has now passed. The Phase 3 deadline for final compliance is 2023, although audits can now be carried out.

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ISO 50001 Energy Management System

Another route to ESOS compliance is by putting in an ISO 50001 Energy Management System.

Following a similar structure as ISO 14001, the EnMS focuses on energy in buildings &, if relevant, transport.

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Energy Efficiency Audits

Energy audits to review the energy use in your building(s) & identify improvements to save energy, carbon & money.


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