ESHCon Services

Whatever your motivation – to increase profits, improve efficiency, meet customers’ expectations or comply with legislation – ESHCon  delivers a range of services, depending on your company’s needs:

Environmental Management                           Carbon Reporting

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System           Carbon Footprinting & GHG Reporting

Environmental Reviews                                               Verification

Part-time Env Manager                                               Carbon Reduction

Audits & Your Projects                                               Carbon Trust Standard

Energy                                                           Training & Engagement

Energy Management & Efficiency                               Bespoke Training

ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme             Short Courses and Workshops to get staff involved

ISO 50001 Energy Management System                    Awareness campaigns



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Why Choose ESHCon

ESHCon provides:


Expert – I have over 20 years in the field of environmental management, energy and carbon. And I love what I’m doing!

Considered approach – I am a business person, not eco-warrior. I make sure you meet your objectives and get the best results.

Excellent trainer & communicator – I speak your language, helping to engage staff at all levels to get best results.

Small consultancy – I am available for you. You won’t be fobbed off with inexperienced juniors or a hard-to-reach director.

Collaboration – I will advise and guide you through the processes, so you get the best out of it – learning, doing, achieving.


Happy Clients

“Anya managed the project seamlessly with enthusiastic expertise, meeting the tight legislative   deadline by finding solutions to overcome difficulties. The ESOS Report has provided us with real business-benefit improvement recommendations. Working with Anya was an absolute pleasure and I would readily recommend ESHCon.”

Rebecca Strickland, Alstom / Signalling Solutions Ltd

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