Reduce Your Waste Line

Do you think about your waste line? You should, because waste typically costs companies 4.5% of turnover. This could be reduced by 1% with simple measures.


Managing your waste helps you find cost savings, comply with the law, improve your image and manage your business activities more efficiently.


Firstly, make sure you understand the legislation under ‘Duty of Care’ regarding storage and disposal of waste.


Now, take a fresh look at the waste you produce – how much, from where, by whom? Then, to manage it use The 3 Rs:



Look at your processes and make subtle changes.

Don’t over-purchase & throw away unwanted excess.

Squash your waste: don’t fill your bins with air.

‘Think before you throw’, someone else may want to use it.

Print only when you have to and, then, double-sided.



Refill toner cartridges, use printed paper as notepaper, even reuse incoming packaging for outgoing deliveries.

Use mugs rather than disposable cups.



Make it easy to recycle. Put in bins for paper, plastics, glass, batteries etc.

Look to see if there’s another company that can use your off-cuts.


Ask your staff what they can do. The best ideas for your waste line may be right under your nose.


This article was published in the GDB Members’ Newsletter (Mar 13) and on Sussex Enterprise’s blog site (April 13).


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