Part-Time Environmental Manager

Does your company already have an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System but no one to drive or co-ordinate it? Maybe the responsibility has fallen to you, but you don’t have the expertise or the time?


ESHCon will help develop the EMS to ensure it runs smoothly, taking on the role of Environmental Manager.


You get a specialist to call upon when needed – at the end of the phone for advice or coming on-site for key meetings & audits.


This ensures that the system is implemented effectively, delivering your objectives and giving maximum benefit to the company. It will complete the necessary stages, meeting the requirements of ISO 14001, so that the certification audits are smoothly for you.


ESHCon’s Part-Time Environmental Manager Service includes:

  • Ongoing advice on requirements of ISO 14001 and assistance with EMS implementation
  • Ensure EMS Core Documentation is up to date (inc Policy, EMS Programme, Manual & Procedures)
  • Conduct Legislation review
  • Conduct internal EMS audit and monitor corrective actions arising
  • Conduct regular EMS Group Meetings
  • Chair the annual Management Review meeting
  • Help prepare for and attend the ISO 14001 Certification audits.


There are many benefits, including:

  • Save time and money by understanding ISO 14001 requirements & taking the work off you
  • Minimise risk in complying with legislation and ISO 14001
  • Improve success in certification audits
  • Reduce resources and costs, in materials & energy consumption
  • Increase staff engagement
  • Win new business through improved reputation.


If I take on the role of Environmental Manager, I make it easier for you to concentrate on your own workload and priorities.


Please contact me for more info on how I can help your company with its EMS and retain your ISO 14001 certification.


ESHCon Services – P-T Env Manager



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