Carbon Trust Waste Standard

Building upon its successful carbon and water standards, the Carbon Trust Standard has now brought out a new standard to recognise waste management.


Organisations that achieve the Carbon Trust Waste Standard demonstrate a proven commitment to environmental sustainability and by certifying, improve their reputation and standing in the community.


The standard requires quantities of waste produced to be reduced, but also considers prevention, reuse and recycling waste rather than simply depositing it to landfill.


How you can benefit

The new Standard provides major benefits:

  • Cut your waste production
  • Reduce waste disposal and output costs
  • Benchmark your waste management activities
  • Enhanced corporate reputation
  • Lessen your impact on the local environment.


For more info, see the Carbon Trust’s website – CLICK HERE.


I am pleased to say that I am accredited as an assessor for all three Carbon Trust Standards – Waste, Water and Carbon. Call me if you have any questions on any of these standards.




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