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Time Flies!

ESOS – 6 Months and Counting

With less than 6 months until the deadline for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, businesses need to get going now. The final date to notify the Env Agency of your compliance is 5th December.


There are 3 stages to ESOS: measure energy consumption, conduct energy audits & report compliance. Remember even if you’re not a large company, you may still need to participate in ESOS because of others in your corporate group.


As the clock is ticking, you should now be collating energy & transport data for your reporting period (1 year covering 31st Dec 14). Data should be in kWh for elec/gas, litres for fuels, maybe miles for business travel – and it needs to be validated. Many companies are finding this a bit of challenge, especially transport.


Next schedule the energy audits for early summer & plan your work in time for the deadline. There are limited number of Lead ESOS Assessors & our diaries will be very full later in the year.


As your Lead ESOS Assessor I’ll run the project smoothly and on time – so please do call or email me.


Sustainability Live

Well I had a busy few days recently at Sustainability Live, speaking and chairing sessions in the Energy Efficiency theatre.Firstly, I spoke about the links between Environmental and Energy Management Systems, expanding your existing ISO 14001 to meet ISO 50001 requirements. The next day I chaired a session dedicated to ISO 14001 – what it’s all about, what are the key changes to the new 2015 version of the standard, and how businesses are preparing for this.


Then later that evening I was proud to present the top trophy at the Environment & Energy Awards, for which I have been a judge for nearly 10 years. The Sustainable Business of the Year award went to B&Q.


Further info on my presentations and the E&E Awards winners can be found here.


Other News

New Government

Remember the election? Only last month, it is now a distant memory. There were of course changes within the government, including in the environmental arena. Amber Rudd replaces Ed Davey as Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change (Decc), while Elizabeth Truss remains as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) where she replaced Owen Paterson in 2014. Both departments will be required to deliver further budget cuts, so expecting businesses to see the commercial benefit of sound environmental management themselves.

Brownouts this Winter?

Lord Redesdale, head of the Energy Manager’s Association, is worried that companies are not taking energy risk seriously. He would “put money on brownouts or blackouts by the end of the year” due to the tightness of winter capacity margins. He also thinks energy prices could rise by 25% within the next year.It is important that businesses, organisations and governments plan now for energy supply problems, to reduce the impact on their own operations.

World Environment Day

Friday 5th June was World Environment Day. Coincidentally, this marked the 7th anniversary of me giving up my job and heading off into the exciting world of consultancy full time.Here are a few stats & images to get us thinking about World Environment Day.


One last thing to consider… most companies can easily reduce their energy costs by up to 20%. This could be same effect on your bottom line as a 5% increase in sales.

Are your Champions Green?

How do you raise environmental awareness amongst your colleagues? It’s a challenge many organisations face. How to do it, what level of info to provide, how to ensure you don’t “preach”.

Some organisations do it in a more low key manner, with posters and articles. Some with general training courses for all staff. Some put in a network of Green Champions. (Some do nothing and expect miracles!)

For advice on Green Champions, download this info sheet. Includes setting a programme, budget and how to recruit them & get them up to speed.




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