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I’m really enjoying the summer at the moment, are you? Before you wind down completely, have a think about forthcoming legislation & opportunities – all in the latest ESHCon e-newsletter.Anya Ledwith CEnvFollow me on Twitter for updates as well or please do get in touch for a chat.

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Prepare for Changes

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations – ESOS
New legislation requiring large companies to audit their energy usage has recently been introduced; ESOS affects up to 10,000 businesses in the UK.All large companies (>250 employees or turnover >€50 million) will have to complete an assessment of their energy consumption every four years. Energy audits must be done (or approved) by an approved Lead ESOS Assessor, producing a list of “cost-effective efficiency measures”, and signed off by the Board. The first audit must be completed & reported to Env Agency by December 2015.The New Draft ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is currently being reviewed, for release in 2015. Some of the key changes include:

  • Leadership and truly embedding sustainability into the organisation
  • Environmental performance across the value chain
  • External conditions (e.g. adapting to climate change).

Start thinking now about how to incorporate the new changes into your system. There is more info on the website.

Other News


AquaFund is a multi-million pound grant, designed to help public sector organisations make water efficiencies and financial savings. The scheme provides the cash, resources and expertise to drive down your water costs.Available to local authorities, NHS Trusts and higher education bodies, AquaFund provides a full business case, helps with forecasting water savings and installs the equipment. There are no costs up front. AquaFund supplies the grant, you receive the cash savings.Sustainability Live
I am delighted to join Steering Group for Sustainability Live 2015. The three-day conference and exhibition takes place 21-23 April 2015 at the NEC. We are developing an exciting keynote theatre agenda on a range of sustainable business subjects. More news in the coming months, but get the date in your diary now.The Business Checklist
Many companies know they should be doing something on the environment, often because their customers are asking for it. But they don’t know where to start or if any of the things they’ve started are enough.So, how is your organisation doing?  Try The Business Checklist: nine simple questions to see if you’re just starting or are a champion of the environment, plus what you can do to improve.


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