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Environment in your Business


GHG Reporting

Are you preparing your carbon footprint for the past year? Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange must include emissions data in their Annual Reports. It can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have overseas sites. To make it easier for you, I can make your calculations or indeed validate your own work.


Make sure you’ve got all the right data – energy & fuel in buildings, company cars etc. Is it complete (missing sites, one departments’ travel)? Make sure it’s correct (anomalies investigated, correct emissions factors used).


Rather than handling all the data themselves, one of my clients finds it particularly useful to trickle the info through to me when it comes in from various offices. I collate, validate & calculate.


F-Gas Inspections

Equipment containing F-Gas fluorinated greenhouse gases must be inspected for leaks on a regular basis, depending on their size, also type & quantity of gas. This applies to things like refrigeration & air conditioning equipment.


Since 31st Dec 16, even small equipment (<3kg F-Gas) must now be leak checked (though no frequency is specified). Speak to the people who maintain your equipment to ensure they’re doing it correctly.


ISO 14001:2015 – A Smooth Transition

I’ve been working with a number of clients on their EMS to get them ready for the new ISO 14001:2015 standard. I’ve done Gap Analyses, run workshops & updated the systems, and given Readiness Assessments before they go for certification.


It’s been really useful for them to get outside help – guiding through the processes, a new set of eyes to spot issues, preparing management for certification.


So here are my Top Tips for a smooth transition:

  •     Start with a Gap Analysis of your current EMS
  •     Make sure you cover context, risks/opportunities & interested parties.
  •     Think about changes to documentation needed – this is an opportunity to streamline things & make the improvements you’ve been thinking about
  •     Involve your colleagues (from across the organisation & at all levels of management) – share the knowledge & gain commitment
  •     Plan your transition – it’s only 18 months to the final deadline & that’ll just fly by.


IEMA policy predictions for 2017

It’s only January and it’s been a busy year already in politics. So what will be the main policy opportunities in 2017? IEMA has highlighted five key areas: from BEIS’s Industrial Strategy, through the carbon emissions reduction plan to achieve the UK’s Fifth Carbon Budget, to the Great Repeal Bill, preparing for our departure from the EU.


Insurance Act & your Material Risks

I keep an eye on environmental legislation but this one also caught my attention. The Insurance Act last year introduced the concept of ‘Duty of Fair Presentation’ – parties must tell the insurance provider of material risks that are relevant to the policy.


Your insurance provider may decide to void the policy if you withhold this information (deliberately or otherwise). Or at least increase your future premiums and when you make a claim, reduce the payout.


So you need to ask the question, does the person who arranges your insurance know all your company’s material risks? That person may be COO or FD, or maybe lower down within procurement team. How do they know about your env (or H&S) risks?


It is also important to have an ongoing dialogue with insurance company, let them know of new risks (& how you are managing them). Don’t just wait for renewal once a year.


For my ISO 14001 clients I conduct PESTLE Analysis, to look at the risks & opportunities facing their business – a very useful exercise.


Other News

Apply for a Bags of Help grant

Bags of Help is Tesco’s local community grant scheme where the money raised from the 5p bag levy is used to fund community projects across the UK. These projects must promote community participation in the development and use of outdoor spaces.


Green Growth 2017

Come to Green Growth 2017 on 23rd February in Brighton. Join a community of progressive businesses & enjoy inspiring speakers, workshops & connections – plus I’m chairing the conference.


LoCase grants

SMEs in East Sussex, Kent and Essex can apply for grant funding up to £10k (as 40% of project costs) from LoCASE (Low Carbon in the South East). Grants can be used for lighting, heating, equipment, software & even ISO 14001 consultancy.


Riding in the Himalayas

I’ve delivered my latest talk on the Commercial Benefits of Env Management (& why it’s like riding in the Himalayas). Challenging, fun & successful!

If you’re looking for a speaker for your event – why not try this different approach?


Science-based targets top choice for sustainability leaders

The adoption of science-based targets to drive climate action is continuing to move rapidly up the corporate agenda, with more than half of sustainability leaders either beginning to apply or fully embedding the methodology within their organisation. I’ll cover science-based targets in future ESHCon newsletters.


Ladybird Guide to Climate Change

Prince Charles has collaborated with scientist Emily Shuckburgh & advisor Tony Juniper on a new Ladybird Experts adult guide to climate change. The big issues condensed into a very small book.





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