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My regular column in The Source Magazine, for GDB Gatwick Diamond Business.


At the last Members’ Meeting I shared a story about attending the recent Kingston Smith Charity Quiz Night. This is an annual event, now in its 20th year, which has raised an amazing £65,000 for charity.

Most of the quiz teams were from individual companies (many of them our members I’m pleased to say). It was suggested that we put in a gdb team. So an appeal went out to the gdb Executive & we put together an astounding team made up of Simon Pringle (Red River Software), Brett North (Thakeham Homes), Jeff Alexander (gdb), David Montgomery (Kingston Smith), Andrew Hookway (Extech Cloud) & myself.

We duly entered our team Gatwick Diamond Quizness (what a great name!).

We’ve done team building events together in the past, but maybe we should have considered ahead of the event that there is a very specific strategy (with tactics) to a quiz night … if you want to win.

It’s something I tell my clients when setting up Environmental Management Systems:

  • Know your objectives & work towards them
  • Have agreed roles & responsibilities, making the best of people’s experience & strengths
  • Follow a structured approach
  • Have good lines of communication
  • And above all be creative & have fun.

There were 21 teams of knowledgeable & experienced professionals. I’m proud to say we came 5th – just 5 points behind the victors.

We got a couple wrong & had to challenge the judge on another question. Overall, we had a fun night, raised money & got to know each other better – thus we found another benefit of being a Gatwick Diamond Business member.

You remember our mantra: Good people know good people.

Being part of gdb is not just about giving out your business card or talking at an event.

It’s about strengthening our business network – building valued & trusted relationships that bring real commercial benefits.

And hopefully next year we’ll win the Quiz Night!




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