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ESOS – Are we there yet?

I’ve been working with a number of clients to ensure they comply with the ESOS legislation. We’ve analysed energy consumption data (buildings & transport), conducted audits & identified opportunities for reduction.

OK, we’ve met the deadline – does this mean it’s all over? Is that ESOS done for four years?  Well no because now the fun part starts: putting the energy savings opportunities into action.

So, why not get your colleagues together & run a workshop? Have a good brainstorm, look at the recommendations and develop an action plan: small & maybe larger projects, with timescales & responsibilities; set your priorities and link to targets & KPIs.

It’s also a good idea to schedule audits for all sites, to be done over the next 3 years (to fit in with the ESOS cycle). This is especially important to visit all sites if only a sample was taken this time.

Still Not There? The Environment Agency said that up to 40% of businesses that qualify for ESOS are still non-compliant. I’m still getting ESOS enquiries – can I help you?


Mind the Gap
The new ISO 14001 came out late last year and now businesses are looking to adapt their Environmental Management Systems to meet the new standard’s requirements.

First thing to do is to conduct a Gap Analysis. Look at your existing EMS and identify where it needs tweaking and where significant changes are needed.

Start with the new clause ‘Context of the Organisation’ – think about the internal & external factors that affect you, and identify the range of interested parties.

Let me start your Gap Analysis and help you with your transition to the new standard.  Email me to start the conversation.

Hear me speak at edie Live

edie Live (formerly Sustainability Live) is the UK’s leading energy, sustainability & resource efficiency exhibition. Taking place on 17-18th May at the Birmingham NEC, it’s a great way to learn, update, network & be inspired to improve your business.

I will be speaking on Beyond compliance – driving real change. How do businesses go further than merely complying with requirements and drive the benchmark ever higher?  We will examine innovative approaches to taking the lead in energy management.

I’m also looking forward to judging the Environment & Energy Awards next month, which will be presented during edie Live.


Other News

GDB Membership Services Group
As chair of the Membership Services Steering Group of Gatwick Diamond Business, we are looking into value derived from membership. I’ll be speaking to members to see what they want & how we can support them. So please do let me know – what are the top 3 things you want from your business organisation?


Automatic meters on the way
A new OFGEM regulation called P272 will affect all businesses using electricity meters in profile classes 05 – 08. By April 2017 you must use automated meters, and these meters must send regular half hourly usage data to energy suppliers.

This will mean that you will know what your consumption is by the half hour (like 00 profile meters do now), which is useful for monitoring usage patterns & identifying efficiencies.

As a result, to remain competitive energy suppliers will need to introduce time-of-use tariffs, with lower rates available for energy during off-peak hours.


Earth Hour
Join in with Earth Hour 2016, it’s a great way to get staff & other interested parties involved in your environmental activities.

On Saturday 19 March at 8:30 p.m. switch off your lights for one hour. Use the time to celebrate the environment & join in on world-wide climate action.




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