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Welcome to the latest ESHCon Newsletter.

It’s been an unusual year hasn’t it? In politics, business and the environmental world. For me, I spent most of the year on 3 elements: ESOS energy projects, the new ISO 14001 standard and taking on the chairmanship of Gatwick Diamond Business.

We are in a period of uncertainty arising from Brexit & US elections, which will affect our businesses in the short term & beyond. We need to understand & act upon the risks we face, & also the opportunities presented to us.

Even more so now, in our industries, communities & organisations, collaboration is key. Working together, sharing good practice, making connections & referrals – these will all help in these uncertain times.

I look forward to an excellent 2017. In the meantime, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Need some inspiration for greening the festive season? I’m applying the waste hierarchy, so it should be OK to “re-use” these Top Christmas Tips.

Environmental Business

ISO 14001 Lifecycle Challenges
How is the transition work going on your ISO 14001 EMS? The final deadline (Sept 18) seems like a long way off, but it really makes sense to get going soon.

I am helping in a number of ways: an initial Gap Analysis shows where to focus; developing the EMS, including exercises to cover the big changes; and a Readiness Audit to double check everything is covered before going for certification.

Auditors tell me that many organisations are finding two areas of the standard a particular challenge: leadership and lifecycle. I run cross-functional workshops to get things going. For the latter, start to think about the aspects at all stages of the lifecycle, as shown here.


Nicholas Stern at The Carbon Trust
The Carbon Trust’s Annual Lecture in November was delivered by Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, giving his perspective on addressing the defining challenges of this century: managing climate change and overcoming poverty. His opinion is that the two are inextricably linked, so that if we fail on one, we will fail on the other.  Click here to see extracts from and slides of his lecture.


Longer term thinking needed
The progress of integrating sustainability within business operations is still being hindered by a focus on short-term results and a lack of management awareness, according to a new survey by DNV. Though, by enabling sustainable business performance, companies are better equipped to meet stakeholder demands, drive change and build long-term value.

Other News 

Government sets new internal environmental targets
Government departments must contribute to 32% overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 2019-20, with each having its own target. Emissions will cover the standard energy & travel; plus procurement must be considered, to reduce suppliers’ impacts & risks.


Learning Opportunities
I’ll next be speaking at Kingston Smith’s Bitesized Breakfast on 17th January – The commercial benefits of Environmental Management, or why it’s like riding in the Himalayas.

Come along to the edie Sustainability Leaders Forum 25-26th January – Where sustainability leaders accelerate change. That evening I’ll be presenting one of the trophies at the edie Sustainability Leaders Awards, for which I am a judge.

More locally, the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Conference is on 23rd Feb. I’ll be speaking again at edieLive at the NEC in May.

I spent an interesting day reviewing environmental reporting software with IEMA. See the January edition of The Environmentalist magazine for the write up. @The_Envist

For my charity work, I’ve been working hard going through grants applications for community groups & projects with the Sussex Community Foundation. The SCF has awarded £10 million in 10 years!



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