ESHCon regularly sends out an e-newsletter to contacts – here’s the latest from August 2016.

Uncertainties, Risks & Opportunities

EU Referendum
It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks following the EU Referendum. With all the changes in political leadership, the dramatic fall in sterling and talk of threatened inward investment, there are so many uncertainties for businesses now.

From a compliance point of view, until we know what the trade situation will be, we won’t see material changes to the legal framework. And while we’re still a member, we have to abide by EU legislation & any directives waiting to be transposed into UK law will still need to be done.

But now is a good time to look at your business and try to anticipate how this will affect you. Think about things in both the short & medium term – material and energy costs (likely to rise due to uncertain supplies & poor exchange rate), labour availability, compliance obligations (international or local requirements) and your market position compared to competitors. Now is the time to assess the risks & opportunities.


GDB Chairman
For the past 3 years I have served on the GDB Executive Board and now I am very pleased to be made Chairman. Our plans for GDB are to build on existing successes, to expand upon the real value of membership, make connections between members & provide a voice, leading on important regional issues.

With the Executive in place, new Vice-Chairman Debra Vice-Holt and welcoming our new staff, I look forward to my time as GDB Chairman. I’d be delighted to meet as many GDB members as possible, to understand your business & objectives for GDB. Please do get in touch.


ISO 14001 – Mind the Gap
With over 16,000 ISO 14001 certificates in the UK, there are a lot of businesses now thinking about how well their EMS fit the new standard. ISO 14001 2015 is more rigorous that the old one, with a number of key changes (including assessing risks & opportunities).

So how does your current EMS stack up against it? What’s your plan to change?  Start with my Gap Analysis to see where your EMS needs to change – giving a RAG rating for each issue and a transition plan, with actions & timescales. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see the benefits.


Other News

DECC folded into DBEIS
With the recent Cabinet changes, we have also seen a change in government departments, with DECC (Department for Energy & Climate Change) closed and much of its remit transferred to the new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Greg Clark heads up the new department, with Nick Hurd confirmed as climate minister. Andrea Leadsom becomes the new environment secretary at the Defra.


Right Waste Right Place
How do you store your waste? How is it disposed of? Do you keep good records? You need to under Duty of Care legislation for waste, but apparently 56% of UK businesses are not complying with the law.

The Right Waste, Right Place campaign has been launched to help smaller businesses understand their legal obligations – especially important as 94% of non-compliant organisations are SMEs. Click here for a simple guide to your Duty of Care responsibilities.


Water Deregulation
In April 2017 the water industry is being deregulated in England and Wales. So, as with electricity and gas supply, businesses will be able to choose their own water provider. By having a choice of provider, it is expected that customers will see savings, discounts and more attractive payment terms, plus providers are likely to help you improve water efficiency.

What should you do now? See my blog for advice on deregulation and water efficiency in your business.


37% emissions reduction target

Despite the country’s vote to leave the EU, we are still included in binding proposals to reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The UK has set a 37% emissions reduction target up to 2030.

Non-Financial Reporting Directive

It is common for large companies to include wider information in annual reports, but it will soon be a legal requirement for some under the EU’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive. This will apply to large undertakings that are Public Interest Entities (PIEs) with an average of 500 employees and in certain sectors, such as finance and insurance.


It has not yet been put into UK legislation (but should be by 2017) so the exact requirements are not yet known. However it will cover amongst others, environmental matters.