AQUAPAX – Pure, Fresh, Natural Mineral Water (in paper cartons)

After first meeting several years ago, I recently bumped into Neil Tomlinson, founder of AQUAPAX, at a business event. He was guest speaker, sharing his story of his career, business & product.


With all the talk recently about plastics ending up in our oceans and the issue of single-use plastics, it’s great to hear of a product with alternative packaging.


Building on his career with 30,000+ hours water sector experience, Neil sources AQUAPAX natural mineral water from beneath a protected nature reserve in Germany.


Why that site location for a brand with the strapline ‘a pure thirst for the environment’? “Well it’s the same distance as the Highlands, yet we’ve been able to locate a filling plant with a perfect water source, which runs on biogas, and we’re then carbon balancing all our energy use in addition to ‘gifting’ 1% of our entire sales turnover for environmental restoration” says Neil.


The most important aspect though is clearly the water quality, considering his background in that field… Naturally low in all minerals, with almost no nitrates, AQUAPAX mineral water is unique in being ‘suitable for infant consumption’ and in encouraging consumers to refill / reuse their package before recycling!


With less than 30% of the UK’s ever-increasing plastic bottle consumption being recycled, let alone being suitable for reuse, AQUAPAX  is focused on trying to help consumers #ditchtheplastic #oneless bottle at a time.


I’m really pleased to come across Neil & hear about how he’s trying to change the perception of disposal packaging & high quality drinks.


It’s available online via Amazon grocery, as well as in Selfridges, selected Holland & Barrett and London Waitrose stores. Why not check AQUAPAX out?