All organisations can reduce their environmental impact & improve efficiency.  Most begin to save money, comply with the law or because their customers demand it – so give them what they want & make it easy for them to buy from you. This is Effective Environmental Management – but where do you start?

The award-winning environmental management consultant Eshcon provides targeted professional services to start-ups, fast growth & corporates in London & the South East. I am Anya Ledwith, an experienced environmental auditor, business advisor and entrepreneur.

I understand your needs. You must comply with legislation. Your costs are soaring. Your customers require information. You & your colleagues are busy. It’s complicated & you don’t know where to start.

With my engaging & pragmatic approach, I guide you through & make it easy for you to find improvements, comply with the law, see the commercial benefits & save time. Sounds good?

Let me help you now – services include:

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – Put in an EMS to the ISO 14001 standard or a simpler environmental action plan.

Carbon Reporting & SECR – SECR carbon reporting & calculate your carbon footprint to identify emissions reduction opportunities.

Energy & ESOS – Energy efficiency & ESOS energy audits.

Virtual Environmental Manager – An expert when you need me – leading or supporting your environmental activities, audits & EMS.


Reducing impacts, cutting costs, saving time & winning business
– this is Effective Environmental Management.

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